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My Valentines Day

I’m genuinely excited for Valentines Day for the first time since elementary school. I’m going to have a fantastic date with myself tonight involving delicious beer, delicious Trader Joe’s food (TBD), and a Lush bath with the rose petal bath bomb. Then I’ll watch last night’s Chris Gethard show since I missed it, followed by some episodes of Comedy Bang Bang.

I keep thinking about how objectively loser-ish this all is, but I surprisingly don’t care. Last year when I said I was “dating myself” I thought it was really stupid and corny, but it must be a fake it till you make it thing! Sure, spending valentines day by yourself is a loser thing to do according to this heteronormative consumerist society we live in, but thanks to the Chris Gethard show (and a year of therapy) I can embrace the loser label.

Last week someone came through my line at work with some beer and pizza, I commented on the greatness of this purchase, and he said, “I know, this is sad.” It totally threw me! But he’s right, a single dinner for one and a beer is traditionally a loser thing. The weird thing is, I don’t care anymore. Feeling bad about that kinda stuff seems like such a waste of time. It’s like the weight loss mindset people have: if I lose weight I’ll finally be happy. In this case it’s: when I’m in a relationship I’ll be happy. But relationships bring their own shitstorms and sadness along with the happy relationship stuff.

Being miserable because you’re single is a waste of time, if you’re gonna die alone you might as well enjoy living alone. 

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